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new PLASMAPHIRE - BALLS HARDWARE SYSTEM - 2 PlasmaBalls Battery Powered with digital controls and chargers-

Also see Patrick's site about PLASMAPHIRE Site- www.craniosacral-app.com/flameinmind/plasmaphire.html

PlasmaPHIre complete Plasma Ball PAIR Units- Battery Powered- with Digital Panel- operation- intro offer 2000 Euro
- just add inexpensive (newly upgraded- see manual below) FLAMEINSOUND (or FLAMEINMIND) IOS App (requires iphone/ipad).
contact: info@fractalfield.com
- Dan Winter (US +1) 310 651 8123

Introductory offer- FREE TRACKABLE SHIPPING (save up to 150 euro) -

- or paypal direct 2000 euro to lophi618@gmail.com -or contact us- we can send paypal request - which also takes visa/mc


PlasmaPHIre Balls - Portable Plasma Wave Generator
Generates a field in small rooms/places (living room, bed room...)

Portable device (batteries) => no connection to power supply pollution.
Can also be used in nature, away from electromagnetic pollution

Allowing HRV/EEG sensors closed to the field 
(=> can be used with iThrve & Flameinmind apps)

DRIVE WITH the powerful THERAPHI FREQUENCIES- but even more programmable using Plasmaphire : 2 plasma balls programmable by external sound wave generator
( uses the updated inexpensive FLAMEINSOUND or FLAMEINMIND -  app or any sound wave generator)

manual also see www.craniosacral-app.com/flameinmind/flameinsound/plasma_vibes.html

PlasmaPhire- now comes in 2 versions: the original
includes up to 1 hour skype chat set up support
( 2000 Euro- includes trackable shipping!)

OR...- Plasmaphire PLUS- with SYNCHRONOUS SOUND - OPTION FOR SPEAKER DRIVE ( see image):
-additional 500 Euro - total 2500 Euro including trackable ship-
includes necessary input level adjust- and additional bluetooth transmitter and setup help if needed.
includes up to 3 hours Skype chat setup support



above- WENDY, a very sensitive person, testing the impact of PlasmaPHIre body frequencies PlasmaPHIre complete Plasma Ball PAIR Units- Battery Powered- with Digital Panel operation 

below- Shelley Evans- well known consciousness researcher- western Canada- describes her research project with PLASMAPHIRE Plasma Ball System

PlasmaPhire effect measured on a plant


PlasmaPHIre - Evening session
Patrick Botte & Dan Winter
during Fractalfield 2019 meeting


Shelley Evan's from Calgary - below- has another report of success helping with a serious wrist problem with PLASMAPHIRE Plasma Bulbs:




Click to view new Flameinmind.com/flameinsound Audio Heterodynces - MANUAL ( html version / pdf version here / pptx verssion here) to DRIVE PLASMAPHIRE / QUANTAPHI / PHIVIBES

(FOR HTML VERSION- be patient -few seconds- for these help files frames to load-- use arrow keys to flip between screens)

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